A concept and a production housemade.

For comfort and safety, we use high quality materials and give special care to the finish.


The concept developed by Mr CHIAROTTO gives the product great adaptability.
Our boxes are produced in our company in France Bertrichamps.


The  models


2.7 x 2.7meters back to back mounting

3 x 3 meters back to back mounting

3 x 3 meters with covered aisle

2,7 x 2,7meters (special assembly said "private stables or 4 to 6")

2,7 x 5,4 meters

2,7 x 4 meters ( special assembly)



Our boxes are made of a galvanized metal frame with a filling green HDPE.

HDPE panel is inserted between the side legs and bolted top and bottom of the frame.Reinforcements in the middle and at the bottom of the panels.

Long goujeons for better fixation

Quick and easy assembly without tightening



Door of a large width  1,20 meters for easy access.  

THe door pivots with double opening (inside, outside) and can be assembly right or left opening.

Clever sturdy lock.