A complete service

Accomodate horses is an essential element for a successful event.

That is why for 30 years, we help the organizers to house the horses on the site.

With our knowledge and our field experience,we advise and support you in achieving your projects.

Ours strengths


Experience more than 30 years

An assembly adapted to your needs

Various installation possibilities :  

For boxes of 3Metersx3  : back to back, or with a covered aisle in a span multiple of 4 boxes.

                     For boxes of 2m70x2m70 : back to back in a span multiple of 6 boxes.

                              Online or back to back for the boxes without roof "Indoor" .             

3Mx3 boxes mounted back to back

3Mx3 boxes mounted back to back

View of a tarpaulin pinion

Boxes mounted with a covered aisle

Equibox partaer of the film Jappeloup https://www.facebook.com/JAPPELOUP

Boxes with covered aisle

Mountig Indoor

Montage Indoor Boxes back to back

Mounting Indoor Boxes on line

A qualified assembly team

We provide our teams with experience in transportation,loading and unloading,implementation, assembly and disassembly of temporary stables.

Ours strenghts :

Knowledge of the field
Flexibility and responsiveness

Packaging and safe transport

The various elements of our temporary stables are packed on pallets that will then be loaded on our trucks with forklifts.

Forklift truck used for assembly and loading

Pallet panels

Pallet corner posts

Pallet roof bars

Example of loading : 90 Boxes with forklift and 120 without lift